About OGS

OGS is a leading professional services firm that specializes in Facility Management, Building Operations Engineering Services, and Soft Services to MNC companies & Multistoried Buildings. A Fortune vision company, OGS helps MNC companies, Large-scale property builders, real estate owners, occupiers, and investors achieve their business ambitions. OGS is the brand name, and a registered trademark, of OFFICE OF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, Incorporated. For further information.

Our Goal

As OGS We deliver higher returns by reducing operating costs and enhancing the value of your premium property

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Every property or asset owner wants to earn more by optimizing financial returns and lease terms. When we manage property on your behalf, we’ll deliver by acting as your partner and bringing an ownership mindset to every aspect of operations. We'll always act in your best interests to ensure that your property is being managed efficiently, safely and sustainably. And your tenants will experience the same high standard of service that you do.

Our integrated approach allows you to reduce risk, attract and retain your target tenants and maximize the value of your investments while minimizing costs. We apply our expertise in office, retail, residential, mixed use and industrial to develop solutions that are tailored to your objectives.

Wherever you are in the world, the experts on our local teams will give you peace of mind. Whether we're managing tenant relations, improving your property or reducing energy consumption, we'll apply global best practices, proven engineering capabilities and the latest technology tools.

We make owned and leased office space more valuable by improving its productivity and financial performance

From acquisition to disposition—and every phase in between—our specialists in leasing, management and capital markets know how to position office assets and portfolios for long-term success. We devise more strategies and execute more transactions involving office space than any other property type.

If you're an owner or institutional investor, you'll benefit from our intimate knowledge of office markets and tenants—in your own back yard and around the globe. We'll skillfully manage your property to enhance its value and help you achieve the highest rental rates. And when it's time to sell, we'll bring the right buyers to the table and execute a transaction that exceeds your expectations.

If you're a company that owns or leases office space, we'll make sure it's flexible enough to meet your business and financial goals, operates efficiently and is capable of driving productivity

Our company

OGS is a public company whose leaders are committed to creating value for our clients. We’ve been building relationships and expanding our global footprint since our 2011 founding in BANGALORE, INDIA. Our experts have redefined the industry and changed the way organizations look at Facility Management & Operations.


Building a Better Tomorrow

We understand that sustainability can and should impact all aspects of our organization, whether our people, our bottom line or our relationship with the communities in which we operate. We also understand that sustainability is a driver for improved performance, allowing us to extend better service offerings to our clients, better value to our shareholders and better career opportunities to our employees. It is this understanding that informs our commitment to maintain and improve our role as a responsible corporate citizen through our sustainability program, Building a Better Tomorrow.

Learn more about our Global Sustainability Report program, Building a Better Tomorrow.

Learn more in our Global Sustainability Report

Our culture of safety

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our employees and the people who work in the buildings that we manage.

Awards and recognition

We take pride in the recognition our firm receives, as these distinctions underscore our position as the chosen real estate expert and advisor for leading corporates, investors and developers worldwide.


Shared values define us

Our values underscore our commitment to clients and to each other, and provide direction for everything we do. We expect our employees to follow these principles:

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Board of directors and Governance

Sunil Kumar N has been a Director of OGS since May 2011 and was a Chairman of the Board effective December 2, 2016. served as an Executive Engineer to The DELL Services India PVT LTD In 2009-2011, Mr. Sunil Kumar served as Technical Manager to TCS Tata Consultancy Services in 2011-2013. Served as a Chief Technical Manager to Goldman sachs services India PVT lTD since 2013- 2016.

Ethics Everywhere
  • OGS is committed to a corporate culture that embraces and promotes strong principles of business and professional ethics at every level.
  • Ethical practices are inherent in our values, mission and strategy, and must guide all of our interactions with clients, customers, vendors and employees.
  • Our Board of Directors and senior management take these responsibilities seriously, both for themselves and the rest of the organization.