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Top-rated Administrative Services To complement your Facility Management

For any facility to operate smoothly, it’s vital to take care of certain administrative needs. Hiring an in-house team for this can prove to be clunky & expensive. So at OGS, we offer top-rated Administrative Services for better Facility Management. We have a team of admin experts who specialise in understanding all the complexities related to Facility Management and can tackle it easily.

Once in place, the Administrative Services team takes over all the responsibilities & tasks that your in-house team might struggle to manage. We leverage our years of experience in all the legal & admin aspects to take-off the heavy weight of Administrative management off your shoulders.

Facility Manager

At OGS, we are all about creating & maintaining wonderful Building Facilities with our top-notch Facility Management Services. Whether it’s maintaining hygiene, regular maintenance of the Property, Landscaping or ensuring the best Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing services, we cover everything in our Facility Management Services. Such a comprehensive Facility Management Service offers you peace of mind & assurance that you will get maximum ROI from your Properties.
Technial managers

Technical Executives

Time & again, Facility Management needs assistance from certified technical executives. Thankfully, we have a whole in-house team of such experts who are always available to offer their assistance. Our technical executives specialise in breakdown & preventive maintenance that ensures all your appliances operate smoothly. Our technical executives deliver the best services if your facility needs reliable technical support or regular maintenance.
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Your facility needs a highly efficient & dedicated supervisor who can overlook all the operations run smoothly. We offer an expert Supervisor at each of our Client’s facilities who effectively manages customer relations, sales staff, maintenance and front desk operations. Each Supervisor in our team has extensive experience in the field, ensuring your Property occupants enjoy their stay.
Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Payroll Management is a resource-intensive task that almost every Building Facility owner struggles to manage. So it’s better to let our Payroll Management experts handle the task. Once our experts take charge, they offer error-free, efficient & reliable Payroll Management for your facility. This enables you to redeploy your valuable resources to focus on better customer service.
Front Desk Support

Front Desk Support

Front Desk Support is an extremely vital organ of any Facility Management Service. So we offer only the best workforce to handle your Front Desk Support operations. Whether fulfilling Customer’s requests, Handling Inquires or coordinating other activities, Resolving queries & issues, monitoring services or managing follow-ups, our experts can do it all for you.

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At OGS, we take Administrative services seriously. We understand how vital they are for your Property’s efficient management. Our dedicated team of industry experts ensures all your tasks are handled efficiently.

This allows you to re-allocate your resources to serve the customers & growing your Business.

End to End Solution for your Facility Management Services.
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