OGS Facilities officer job description

The facilities officer works to make the workflow in the organization smooth by providing all the necessary data and tools to the different company departments. 

Also, a facilities officer is responsible for managing the work process, and the building infrastructure. 

Personal requirements for a Facilities Officer

The personal requirements and skills for facilities officer. 

  1. Have excellent communication skills.
  2. Aware about the customer service skills.
  3. Have an excellent interpersonal relationship. 
  4. Being a team player.
  5. Able to prioritize tasks and duties.
  6. Excellent in computer skills.
  7. Able to work without any supervision.
  8. Have the initiative tentatively.
  9. Excellent organization skills.

Education & Training for a Facilities Officer

Facilities officers don’t need a specific education level in general. But some training will help you to know all the required information and data related to these job responsibilities. The top training in this field is the Property Services “Operation” or any training related to the facilities management, architecture, business, property, management, or planning.  


Facilities officer job Skills

Some skills are important to help you to add value to our company. 

  1. Have a clear vision.
  2. Organized to deliver all the requirements to each department without any delay.
  3. Communication skills as you will be asked to communicate with suppliers, vendors, and organization’s employees. 
  4. Having building skills to put your vision into building the infrastructure of the organization in order to maintain the easy and smooth workflow.
  5. Able to work under pressure because of problems that could appear suddenly, and you have to act correctly as soon as possible.
  6. Having mechanical ideas to create a reasonable link in the building infrastructure. 
  7. Able to use computer software like MS office.
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