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Reliable Pest Control Services in Bangalore

As the most reliable pest control service in Bangalore, we offer our services to both, Residential & Commercial complexes & ensure the occupants enjoy a healthy stay there.

apartment Pest Control Services In Bangalore

Apartment Pest Control

Residential Apartments are prone to common pest infestations like Cockroaches & rats. These pests tend to multiply rapidly in cramp & kitchen spaces. Eradicating them is vital to ensure the occupants can stay healthy & safe. Pest infestation is a social stigma, too & hence you must keep your Apartments clean.
At OGS, we have a team of Residential Pest Control Specialists who can deliver top-rated Pest Control services. Our team visits your facility, inspects the infestation & readies a custom plan for it. Residential Apartments are comparatively smaller than Commercial buildings & hence the pest control process is short, easy & quick.
Our team deploys top-rated equipment & disinfectant products that are safe for the occupants & offers the best pest Control. In short, we offer quality Residential Pest Control Services that are safe & effective.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Buildings like hotels, malls, restaurants & bars are at higher risk of getting Pest infestation. And for the food industry buildings, Pest infestation poses a serious risk. At such facilities, it’s critical to have bi-weekly Pest Control inspections to ensure they are free from such menace.
Commercial Pest control is complex, time-consuming & obviously a bit more expensive. It demands specialization to obtain optimum results. Thankfully, at OGS, we have a team of Commercial Pest Control experts who are well-versed in what they do.
Once you hire us, our team will visit your property, inspect multiple factors and infestations & come up with the most effective plan. We also consider the number of footfalls at different times & choose when the footfall is at the lowest.
Then our team deploys the most cutting-edge tools to free your building from pest infestation, so the occupants here can enjoy safe & healthy conditions.

Want to hire Pest Control professionals?

Say NO to Pest Infestation with quality Pest Control Services in Bangalore.

OGS is your go-to agency for any Pest Control needs. Whether you need to fre your Residential or Commercial complex from pests, we are always here to help.

At OGS, we deploy the most advanced pest control technologies & equipment to offer you the best services. Our team of experts will visit your facility, perform a thorough inspection & prepare a customized Pest Control Plan for you. Our dedicated team is committed to keeping Living & Workspaces free from pest infestation.

Certified Pest Control Services For Residential & Commercial Facilities

Pest infestation is a menace that almost every building facility suffers from. From cockroaches, rats, bedbugs & ants to spiders & lizards, these pests pose a serious risk to the health of people living there & facility’s reputation in the market. So it’s critical to hire certified Pest Control Services to eliminate this risk.

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