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Robust Security Services For better safety

With the ever-rising safety & security issues, it has become critical for all Facility owners to offer robust security services. Having such reliable security at your Building offers the occupants a sense of peace, safety & security. To cater to these varied needs for robust security, we at OGS have come up with the best security solutions.

At OGS, we have a qualified & experienced team of Security staff that specialises in offering the best-rated security. Each member of our security team is well-trained in the art of offering top-notch security to the people residing in your facilities.

Whether you need security for Residential or Commercial facilities, we are here to help.

In short, we are your one-stop-shop security service provider in Bangalore.

Security Services

Security & Safety Services

Safety Security with Weapon

To mitigate the constant security threats, it’s vital to have security with weapons for all Commercial Facilities. At OGS, we have a specialised team trained in handling weapons & offer quality security services to your occupants.
Each member of our security team is thoroughly vetted during the hiring process to ensure we hire only the best.


Apartment Security Services

The risk of thefts & crimes in residential areas is constantly rising exponentially. So it’s critical to ensure the safety of the occupants with reliable safety measures. At OGS, we have a team of Apartment Security specialists who can handle all your apartment security needs.
With a thorough inspection of every individual visiting the facility & routine patrols at night, our team ensures your occupants can feel safe 24 x 7

Security Services that you can trust

Meet the rising security threats head-on with our top-notch security services. Hire the professionals & be worry-free about your Building’s safety & security.

Need additional security?

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